Officially Music And Toast seeks to unite the worlds of brilliant music and toast, blogging about both and neither to inform, entertain, review, and do those things that other blogs do, but better. Unofficially I needed a niche; whilst I maintain that ‘Lemon Or Potato?’ was a great idea, after a hundred pages consisting of vague images that could be of either lemons or potatos I thought it might wear slightly thin. Disclaimer: I have copywrighted this idea JUST IN CASE.*

Fancy a guide to the site? Of course you don’t, it’s perfectly designed. But here’s one anyway:

  • Present posts concern music that is happening now. News, reviews and major announcements go here.
  • Future posts are about up and coming tunes and up and coming bands. Speculation and wishlists also land here.
  • Past posts drag songs from from yesteryear into the present and heap on the praise/give them a good kicking.
  • Marks Out Of Ten is a streamlined feed featuring everything we’ve ever given a number to.
  • Amazing is a slightly less streamlined feed featuring everything we’ve ever described as amazing.
  • Toast is all about toast.
  • Brilliant Popstar List is a list of popstars that are currently being brilliant. You won’t find any Bjork or Justin Timberlake in here.
  • About is this bit here.

Music And Toast is written by David Hutchison, a first year Journalism undergraduate at City University London. It was devised at the back of a Newswriting seminar on the 19th of October 2011, and continues to be written whenever David has something more important that he should be doing.

All photos used are publicity shots, unless they aren’t, in which case they’re being used for publicity. If it’s negative publicity, then I usually have the courtesy to use something i’m allowed to.

In the immortal words of Booty Luv: If you’ve got something to say  just say it, say it. (That’s a very pop friendly way of saying THIS IS MY EMAIL ADDRESS).

*I have not really done this.

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