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MDNA isn’t perfect. But it isn’t always bad.

Another MDNA review.

MDNA is a strange one. Not since ‘Music’ has Madonna presented us with such a mixed bag of sounds, influences, styles, and as such we’ve gone twelve years without a straight-forward Madonna Pop Album. And I must say that as a reviewer it threw me into a complete tail-spin. I barely had time to catch my breath after the dirty gyrating squelch of ‘Some Girls’ before I was thrown right into ‘Superstar’, all cheery guitars and handclaps.  ‘American Life’, ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ and ‘Hard Candy’ were all easily labelled as albums because it was clear with each album what Madonna set out to do. Acoustic techno. Disco dance. ‘R&B’. But with MDNA its all very murky at first…and indeed with time you begin to realise that in fact no, it’s not obvious what Madonna’s trying to do, or whether she was even trying to do anything at all.  Continue reading

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Last night, This Must Be Pop Live! happened.

Before the event, I had just this to go on:


So thankfully the flyer not only explained that the night would feature Queen Of Hearts and A*M*E, two popstars previously known to have been in the realm of “really good”, but THERE WAS A RABBIT ON IT. I was sold. Continue reading

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Apropos of nothing inparticular

Today, I was listening to Devil’s Got Your Gold by doomed girlband Frank.

Frank - Devil's Got Your Gold

I was listening to it because I had recommended it for a review on the Popjustice forum and that review came in a few days ago. I was listening to it to re-confirm my own opinions on it. And I was also listening to it because on average I probably listen to it about three times a week. For the reference of those unaware, it was released in 2006.

Though such things are hard to quantify, it’s probably my favourite album of all time. Why? Because it is one of the most poetically beautiful albums I have ever heard in my life, with a keen pop sensibility and songs that not only resist wear but actually reveal more of themselves as time goes on.

And because it’s really, really odd. Continue reading

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Florence sang seventeen songs in a row at a live venue on Thursday and now you’re going to read me writing about it.

Me and some of my friends went to Alexandra Palace on Thursday to see Florence + The Machine live. In spite of how much I bloody love Lungs and Ceremonials, I treated the gig with a large amount of trepidation. Because her live performances recently have been a little stiff, to say the least. General they have involved the ginger kingpin standing still, looking very worried and belting out the choruses of her songs incorrectly whilst dancers do quaint dances around her, and on occasion wave fabric around.

Her songs require more than that. They demand it. With two records worth of material so visceral, pounding and relentlessly energetic, I was worried that the songs would be diluted by a stilted stage presence, a self-conscious ‘kook’ and a lack of crowd interaction.

I needn’t have worried. Because this happened. Continue reading

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INTERVIEW ALERT: Britt Love’s views on The News

Britt Love.

Britt Love Interview

ALSO KNOWN AS a woman who used to be one half of Mini Viva. ALSO KNOWN AS a duo so brilliant that they almost broke pop – and certainly for a short while ‘after the event’ it was all a bit touch-and-go as to whether music was even able to get better. They were the ladies behind ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’ (which you will have heard), ‘I Wish’ (which you probably haven’t heard) and ‘One Touch’ (which if you haven’t heard you are basically commiting a crime, and I might have to take legal action against you).

The general gist here is that Britt is of pop pedigree and basically you should get very very excited about the fact that she’s getting underway with solo popstardom.

Whilst most of her music is all a bit under wraps (apart from THIS and THIS and THIS. Oh, and THIS), Britt has a Twitter account and has never been particularly afraid to ‘mouth off’ on it. In light of this, I had a bit of a chat with her and asked for her view on several of the more pressing news stories of the times, as well as a few other questions on the side (including a sneaky one about music which was all at once revealing and not very revealing at all). She very nicely gave me a couple of answers. In this way an interview was born.

AND HERE IT IS. Continue reading

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