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Brace yourselves everyone.

Sticks + Stones

Clips of a reasonable length from Cher Lloyd‘s album are up on iTunes…and they don’t sound half bad. Good, you might say. Really good, you might say. Brilliant, even. Swagger Jagger will have to be immediately removed from the tracklisting of course (or at least, the chorus will), but it sounds very much like this will be somewhere above the region of great.

I could be wrong, and the whole thing outside of those 13.5 minutes of clippy wonderfulness could just be Cher screeching about how much everyone hates her and wants to be her, but it could well not be. It could be a nine track tour de force featuring Cher finally fulfilling all that potential she oozed all over the X Factor stage. But either way, I have quite a bit of hope now. And only a track as collosally shit as Swagger Jagger could destroy that.

So please Cher, for the sake of my blog (and my sanity) don’t make me change my mind again. Stick with being brilliant or wallow firmly in the shit.


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Madonna rumour round up: YAY OR NAY

So yesterday the rumour mill didn’t “start turning” so much as “catch fire” churning out a constant stream of information that may or may not be true surrounding Madonna‘s next single. So here’s a semi-helpful guide as to what’s been whispered, and what you should think about it: Continue reading

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You can’t beat some carbonated vegetation.

The WooWoos

The WooWoos are a band to watch. For a great many reasons (there’s three of them! They look thoroughly miserable! They take pictures in black and white!) but mainly because on the strength of what we’ve been presented with thus far – a couple of photos, a song and a video for said song – they look like they have potential to be something very special indeed. They’re releasing their debut single Fizzy Lettuce via Moshi Moshi (very “hip”) on the 21st of November and you can have a look and listen right now.

Poor quality, yes, but you get the general idea: pretty good. Massive Attack meets – and I shudder even saying it – early Sugababes in a collision of despair and style. Like all the best songs then. It’s apparently about a relationship that slowly expires…like when lettuce goes bad. It goes fizzy. No? You don’t get it either? Thank fuck, that makes two of us.


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“Oh My!” indeed.

So, Oh My! have been floating around the blogosphere for a few months with two free tracks to their (brilliant and yet awful) name. This is them:


“So far, so good”.

They arrived backed by/with tunes written by/somehow affiliated with famously withdrawn dance-rapper Example. This was enough to cause many blogs to ready their highest praise, and yet I retained my suspicions. Whilst Example’s second album proved rather excellent, his third was a real disappointment: cynically marketed at a generation who will swallow anything with a heavy four to the floor beat and reference to “The Club”, and lacking in personality or a real voice of its own. And yet he still appears to think he’s the dog’s bollocks, an ego inflation that isn’t helped by the unerring praise by critics who really should know better. So I was to be forgiven for not wanting an act who’s debut album consisted of thirteen trend-chasing club bangers devoid of emotion and actual tunes.

Run This Town quashed these fears immediately and laid out a pretty clear statement of intent for the band: shouty, stompy, and undeniably northern tunes. Kicking And Screaming refined the sound into something easier to digest, but the band still had a major problem: their songs simply weren’t good enough to part with money over yet. Not a career-ending problem, as neither song was for sale, but there was still room for the band to turn around and be quite shit.

Enter Dirty Dancer.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the sound of Oh My! not being shit. Or it might have been the sound of your head simply exploding for sheer lack of a word to describe how bloody brilliant that was. But it probably wasn’t the latter, as if your head exploded the chances of you being able to hear it happening are quite slim.

Well done Oh My!. Well done.

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