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INTERVIEW ALERT: Britt Love’s views on The News

Britt Love.

Britt Love Interview

ALSO KNOWN AS a woman who used to be one half of Mini Viva. ALSO KNOWN AS a duo so brilliant that they almost broke pop – and certainly for a short while ‘after the event’ it was all a bit touch-and-go as to whether music was even able to get better. They were the ladies behind ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’ (which you will have heard), ‘I Wish’ (which you probably haven’t heard) and ‘One Touch’ (which if you haven’t heard you are basically commiting a crime, and I might have to take legal action against you).

The general gist here is that Britt is of pop pedigree and basically you should get very very excited about the fact that she’s getting underway with solo popstardom.

Whilst most of her music is all a bit under wraps (apart from THIS and THIS and THIS. Oh, and THIS), Britt has a Twitter account and has never been particularly afraid to ‘mouth off’ on it. In light of this, I had a bit of a chat with her and asked for her view on several of the more pressing news stories of the times, as well as a few other questions on the side (including a sneaky one about music which was all at once revealing and not very revealing at all). She very nicely gave me a couple of answers. In this way an interview was born.

AND HERE IT IS. Continue reading

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Attention Music and Toast readers!

Get yours oars ready…

An oar

…because it’s time to stick them in.

If you feel there is not an option here that allows you to fully express your opinions on the matter, then you’ve taken it too far.

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If I have learned one thing today

…it is that however brilliant cheese on toast is, it is just not sufficient to get you through an eight hour day, especially one including a one and a half hour walk.

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I was going to write something extensive about Amy Winehouse’s cause of death…

…but i’ve got a hangover that could take down a small country, so i’ll leave it for now and east some toast instead.

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If you were under the impression that you could toast stale bread and it wouldn’t matter because toast is crunchy anyway

…you would be wrong. So, so wrong. :(

A post about toast! A world celebrates.