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Last night, This Must Be Pop Live! happened.

Before the event, I had just this to go on:


So thankfully the flyer not only explained that the night would feature Queen Of Hearts and A*M*E, two popstars previously known to have been in the realm of “really good”, but THERE WAS A RABBIT ON IT. I was sold. Continue reading

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The most exciting thing involving asterisks since GCSE results day

This is A*M*E.


RECAP: A*M*E’s been knocking around pop for a month or so and has already allowed us to listen to THIS and THIS and THIS and a clip of another song called ‘Love TKO’ that has since vanished, so it appears something is ‘up’ in that corner. I was recently lucky enough to hear some more of her tunes and can confirm it’s all of exactly the same wonderful quality. There may be a big no-fucking-about 90s megaballad involved. BASICALLY it’s looking like she’s going to completely trample the entirety of British Pop Music with frightful ease, isn’t it?

Anyway she’s whacked a new song, Ride Or Die – produced by the ridiculously talented MNEK, online for our listening pleasure today. Is it a pleasurable listen?

The short answer to that question is YES.

The long answer to that question is that whilst for the first ten seconds it’s a little ‘WHERE IS THIS GOING FETCH MY FAINTING COUCH’ Ride Or Die rapidly evolves from an indecipherable dancehall laserthon into a pop song that is far more accessible, catchy, and refreshingly basic that it first appears. Although it is a little confusing to me as to why this has been thrown online two weeks before the release date of A*M*E’s first free ‘buzz’ single (the effortlessly addictive City Lights) as you’d think that the Powers That Be would be focusing on getting that one down as many people’s throats as possible. But you’re not going to hear me complaining about that. That would be like turning down a free chocolate gateau because you hadn’t finished your chocolate cheesecake. In the world of pop, no-one should EVER turn down the proverbial chocolate gateau. Unless they are proverbially lactose intolerant etc. etc. etc.

But in case anyone forgot or got a bit lost, the short answer to “Is Ride Or Die any good?” is a resounding YES.

Good times.

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