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This is so amazing that it might make your brain implode. And I can’t be held responsible for that.

At 18:48, Sunday the 5th of February, Reggie Yates announced that Alyssa Reid was #2 in the UK charts with her debut single, Alone Again. It’s a fairly shitty reboot of Heart’s 1987 hit Alone, complete with a fairly shitty rapper on the verses. It’s not really worth much more space on my blog than that. So why did this precise moment make me jump in the air and scream like a five year old girl?

Because it meant that David Guetta and Sia are officially number one with Titanium.


And it sort of makes up for 2011’s absymal chart record, doesn’t it?

This was meant to be confetti raining down on the Titanium artwork, but I couldn’t be bothered to cut it all out properly just I just slapped on some Photoshop effect which makes the confetti look a bit odd but at least it falls over Guetta now. Then I thought Sia’s face ought to be present in some shape of form and I tried to make the confetti go over her face but then my computer started groaning so I just put it on top and OH CAN YOU JUST APPRECIATE THE SENTIMENT?

Well done Sia (it’s been about ten years coming but we finally got there), well done David Guetta (if you could make more longs like this and less songs that are shit, that would be great), and well done pop music.

JUST WELL DONE IN GENERAL. I think I need a lie down.

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The 41 Greatest Singles of 2011

And here they are.

So, 2011 has sort of happened hasn’t it? And quite a lot of artists released good singles in it, which can get a bit confusing in the day and age where LMFAO are the year’s biggest selling iTunes artist. So HERE ARE the best fourty one singles 2011 had to offer, in reverse order so there’s a poptacular drum-roll from the ‘fucking good’ through the ‘absolutely chuffing brilliant’ right up to the ‘OH MY BLOODY GOD’ ones at the end. Any problems? Of course not. Here we go. Continue reading

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