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Florence sang seventeen songs in a row at a live venue on Thursday and now you’re going to read me writing about it.

Me and some of my friends went to Alexandra Palace on Thursday to see Florence + The Machine live. In spite of how much I bloody love Lungs and Ceremonials, I treated the gig with a large amount of trepidation. Because her live performances recently have been a little stiff, to say the least. General they have involved the ginger kingpin standing still, looking very worried and belting out the choruses of her songs incorrectly whilst dancers do quaint dances around her, and on occasion wave fabric around.

Her songs require more than that. They demand it. With two records worth of material so visceral, pounding and relentlessly energetic, I was worried that the songs would be diluted by a stilted stage presence, a self-conscious ‘kook’ and a lack of crowd interaction.

I needn’t have worried. Because this happened. Continue reading

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The 11 Greatest Albums Of 2011

So, yeah. List Season is well and truly over and so with this being a hip and happening blog I really wanted to really shake things up and so I thought – prepare yourselves people – I’d rank last year’s best albums. What about that eh? The year’s best albums, in an objective numeric order? A month after everyone and their grandmother’s cat has done it? Unheard of! I shall set the trend, and that, of course, was my intention behind this late list all along.

(Yes, alright, sorry, I wrote most of everything a day after the singles one but couldn’t be arsed to write the rest. YOU CAUGHT ME. What do you want, a biscuit?)

As a bit of a forewarning all of the albums on this list are, at the very least, brilliant, otherwise they wouldn’t be on it. They are all worth parting with cash over. And readers, that is music well made. ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE LISTED ARTISTS PLEASE.

And on with the show. Continue reading

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The 41 Greatest Singles of 2011

And here they are.

So, 2011 has sort of happened hasn’t it? And quite a lot of artists released good singles in it, which can get a bit confusing in the day and age where LMFAO are the year’s biggest selling iTunes artist. So HERE ARE the best fourty one singles 2011 had to offer, in reverse order so there’s a poptacular drum-roll from the ‘fucking good’ through the ‘absolutely chuffing brilliant’ right up to the ‘OH MY BLOODY GOD’ ones at the end. Any problems? Of course not. Here we go. Continue reading

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This is going to be the most melodramatic thing you’ve seen all day.

It’s Florence’s No Light, No Light video.


  • Flo doing her best Fay Wray impression on top of a very tall building.
  • A topless demon man ‘thing’ taking the title of Flo’s last single far too literally.
  • A case of ‘extreme seriousface’ from 18 choirboys.
  • Flo doing some running. Presumably away from the demon man ‘thing’, but perhaps one of the cameramen made a smell.
  • Flo falling from a very tall building and still finding the time to lip sync the words to her latest single.
  • Flo falling from a very tall building for a very long time. Florence is falling for one minute and 18 seconds. If we are to assume that jumping off the roof of the Empire State Building takes 8.81 seconds, this means that the building she jumped off had to be at least 3.3 kilometres tall.
  • A church with a glass ceiling that happens to be directly adjacent to a buiding that is 3.3 kilometres tall.
  • Flo surviving a 3.3 kilometre fall by smashing through the above glass ceiling and squashing a load of choir boys.
  • The above choir boys not being pissed off. Which is very nice of them indeed, given that a flailing ginger women travelling at terminal velocity has just ruined the ceiling of their church and didn’t even say thank you when they kindly decided to carry her off and get help.
It’s taken three years but you’ve finally made a brilliant pop video. Well done Flo.

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A good old ‘proper’ review of Ceremonials.


It’s been two years and nearly four months since Florence + The Machine unleashed Lungs upon us. 847 days…and yet it barely feels like a month. The reason? Well, there quite a few. The omnipresence of You’ve Got The Love on every radio station and music channel. Florence’s extensive tours and festival appearances. The ‘breaking of America’. But none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the most important reason of all: Lungs is a fucking incredible debut. It raced from the optimistic tribal rhythms of Dog Days Are Over to the effervescent harps and soaring melodies of Rabbit Heart, from the teenage punk guitar stomp of Kiss With A Fist to the hell-raising Blinding, knowing when to restrain itself and when to completely let rip (an exercise never bettered than on highlight Cosmic Love, a song so beautifully simple in sentiment it was hard to believe that it hadn’t already been written). The variety and sheer strength of the material on offer was something that shocked fans and casual listeners alike.

But this isn’t a review of Lungs. So what of Florence’s second offering (no pun intended): Ceremonials? Continue reading

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