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Have a listen to this and look back on your decision to do so with happy memories


His name is Conor Maynard and the tune is called ‘Can’t Say No’ and it features a not-all-that-clear use of the word ‘coming’ but it’s very very good. Catchy tune, production that doesn’t sound like it’s been focus grouped to fuck through the lowest-common denominator of commercial hits, and a bloke fronting it all who isn’t what society would call ‘traditionally handsome’. I suppose that last point isn’t something that’s particularly necessary to the ‘whole package’; I certainly wouldn’t exactly turn this song down if it was sung by someone I find MIND BLOWINGLY FIT. But the fact that a man’s rugged good looks aren’t being shoved down my throat over the pop tuneage he’s peddling (in a manner that goes past bordering on patronising and fucking sets up camp and lives in patronising) is, along with everything else, really refreshing.

(I could do without the ‘attitude’, but I accept that girls are being told they they are amazing just the way they are and that’s what makes them beautiful rather a lot in pop at the moment and perhaps it is about time they were treated like shit again.)

The song, along with it’s B-side, are up on iTunes for pre-order and sadly said B-side is a bit over an over-emoted piano moment, but let’s not sound the J-J-J-J-J-J-Jessie J siren quite yet. Let’s give the fellow a chance.

So I believe there’s only one thing left to say:

Cheer up Conor Maynard

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A reasonably well thought out Will Young analogy for a Tuesday morning.

Will Young has been churning out amazing singles with amazing videos with slightly alarming regularity recently. But the thing that is both Will’s blessing and his curse is that he really is basically the only successful solo male in pop. He’s sort of the new Justin Timberlake in that respect, except at least during ‘the time of Justin Timberlake’ – and a damn good time it was too readers – you’d get the occasional Robbie Williams album or record labels would try invest in one of ‘The Men’. (You could make an argument for Hurts at the moment I suppose but they are actually two men and also despite their gigantic budgets they aren’t actually all that successful apart from in certain random countries in Europe but anyway mentioning them sort of misses the point which I will now shut up and get to.) Continue reading

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