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Little Mix are no longer ‘the token girlband who’ll probably go out next week’

They are officially ‘in the running’. And on behalf of a nation perilously close to receiving an album by Craig Fucking Colton may I say thank god.

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Controversy of the day: Rhythmix

As you may or may not be aware, Rhythmix are a band put together on and competing to win The X Factor. This is what they look like:


Lovely. As you may or may not also be aware, earlier today Rhythmix (the charity) sent an open letter to Simon Cowell about the name of Rhythmix (the band). In short: Rhythmix (the charity) are threatening legal action unless Cowell, or anyone really, changes the name of Rhythmix (the band) because Rhythmix (the charity) thinks that having Rhythmix (the bandname) in the public eye is causing “negative impact” on the charity’s activities. This was all sparked off by Simon’s cronies attempting to trademark the name Rhythmix across Europe, apparently.

To sum up: Rhythmix is a hard word to spell. Continue reading

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