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Bad Girls

Say what you like about MIA.


Say she’s a tone-deaf hipster magnet with a list of good songs countable on one hand with spare fingers.

Say she’s a complete arsehole for messing up the release of XXXO – a song that had all the rights to become absolutely huge, and almost was but then wasn’t her first step towards becoming a tunesmith good and proper.

Say that she sounds like she drunkenly staggered into Madonna’s recording studio and burped her way through her COMPLETELY POINTLESS contribution to Give Me All Your Luvin’.

Say that her middle finger moment during the Superbowl half-time show was a rather pathetic ‘controversy”, and that if you’re on stage with Madonna, nothing less than flashing the cooch will shock.

Say that, even after a few listens during which you are not exactly ‘not enjoying’ the listening experience, her new single Bad Girls is still a one trick pony (a very talented and shiny pony, but a one trick pony none the less).

But there is one thing that MIA can do.

And MIA does it well.

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Madonna rumour round up: YAY OR NAY

So yesterday the rumour mill didn’t “start turning” so much as “catch fire” churning out a constant stream of information that may or may not be true surrounding Madonna‘s next single. So here’s a semi-helpful guide as to what’s been whispered, and what you should think about it: Continue reading

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