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Re: Are Cheryl Cole songs just souvenirs?

Yes, they are.

And the bastard gift shop charges a premium.

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Madonna was on Twitter the other night.

Ever ahead of the curve, Madonna promoted MDNA in trailblazing fashion on Monday evening – by joining Twitter. Reading back through her few hours of online presence there were some mildly amusing moments, but nothing hugely informative, entertaining, or all that important. That is, until I re-read it and discovered this:

But I’d like to disregard for a second that Madonna just told the world what she likes on her toast – amazing – and focus for a moment on that question. “Do you like your toast buttered or plain?”.

This has got to be the stupidest question anyone has ever asked.

Who the fuck likes plain toast? Toast is a human creation so magnificent that I created a bloody blog half dedicated to its presence in my life, but the key word is half. Toast needs a meaning, an accomplice, a partner in crime. Whether that partner is cheese, chocolate, music [HAHAHA etc.] or just plain butter, toast is simply not whole without a delicious companion.

Asking  anyone, let alone Madonna – MADONNA – whether they prefer toast plain or buttered is a complete waste of time. And ‘@teoshay’ I do believe, though sounds like its from the mouth of a two-year old child, that “dry toast yuck” is more than enough of a response for you.

You complete tit.

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The new Gossip album cover is not wonderful.

Oh dear.

I was desperately trying to pick out something I liked about it, but upon settling for the band’s logo I realised with some sadness that in the grand scheme of things (‘things’ being monstrous hands, awful Marilyn Manson-esque contact lenses, large amounts of pointless purple space and bad nails) it probably doesn’t count.

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