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A good old ‘proper’ review of Ceremonials.


It’s been two years and nearly four months since Florence + The Machine unleashed Lungs upon us. 847 days…and yet it barely feels like a month. The reason? Well, there quite a few. The omnipresence of You’ve Got The Love on every radio station and music channel. Florence’s extensive tours and festival appearances. The ‘breaking of America’. But none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the most important reason of all: Lungs is a fucking incredible debut. It raced from the optimistic tribal rhythms of Dog Days Are Over to the effervescent harps and soaring melodies of Rabbit Heart, from the teenage punk guitar stomp of Kiss With A Fist to the hell-raising Blinding, knowing when to restrain itself and when to completely let rip (an exercise never bettered than on highlight Cosmic Love, a song so beautifully simple in sentiment it was hard to believe that it hadn’t already been written). The variety and sheer strength of the material on offer was something that shocked fans and casual listeners alike.

But this isn’t a review of Lungs. So what of Florence’s second offering (no pun intended): Ceremonials? Continue reading

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