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The 41 Greatest Singles of 2011

And here they are.

So, 2011 has sort of happened hasn’t it? And quite a lot of artists released good singles in it, which can get a bit confusing in the day and age where LMFAO are the year’s biggest selling iTunes artist. So HERE ARE the best fourty one singles 2011 had to offer, in reverse order so there’s a poptacular drum-roll from the ‘fucking good’ through the ‘absolutely chuffing brilliant’ right up to the ‘OH MY BLOODY GOD’ ones at the end. Any problems? Of course not. Here we go. Continue reading

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A song who’s advice I did not take.

So there’s this tune by ‘up-and-coming’ chanteuse Ruby Goe. It is called Get On It. It is a song is so instant that it feels a little bit like being mowed down by a lorry. It is almost unforgivable that I did not ‘get on it’ straight away. It was released nearly three weeks ago and deserves, by rights, to be number one for at least two weeks. Possibly three. So I would like to apologise Ruby, as i’m sure the promotion gained by having a Music And Toast endorsement would have given you a very decent launch pad.

If you are not already convinced that this is one of the best 67 singles released this year (which it bloody well is) here is the video.

Readers, do not fall into my trap. Do not mistake this song for something that thumps down your ears with no real lasting effect. Do not gloss over the fact that the 149 London bus route has made it’s debut in a musical tune. Do not let the fact that she’s singing about a shag that’s going to leave her ‘walking like Bambi’ pass you by. Invite your friends over. Turn down the lights. Down a crate of Bacardi Breezer. Press play.



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