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The 11 Greatest Albums Of 2011

So, yeah. List Season is well and truly over and so with this being a hip and happening blog I really wanted to really shake things up and so I thought – prepare yourselves people – I’d rank last year’s best albums. What about that eh? The year’s best albums, in an objective numeric order? A month after everyone and their grandmother’s cat has done it? Unheard of! I shall set the trend, and that, of course, was my intention behind this late list all along.

(Yes, alright, sorry, I wrote most of everything a day after the singles one but couldn’t be arsed to write the rest. YOU CAUGHT ME. What do you want, a biscuit?)

As a bit of a forewarning all of the albums on this list are, at the very least, brilliant, otherwise they wouldn’t be on it. They are all worth parting with cash over. And readers, that is music well made. ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE LISTED ARTISTS PLEASE.

And on with the show. Continue reading

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor is pregnant.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Can someone do at least one of the following things please:

1. Tell Sophie that if Album Number Five is not as good as the length of time we spend waiting for it then she shouldn’t bother.
2. Tell Sophie everything above and also mention that Make A Scene was largely not worth it.
3. Tell Sophie to work with Metronomy again, but for more than one brilliant track this time.
4. Tell Sophie that hearing her sing about dancing in clubs and making scenes is about as convincing as Beyonce’s writing credits.
5. Tell Richard how to use a condom. For the love of God.


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