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MDNA isn’t perfect. But it isn’t always bad.

Another MDNA review.

MDNA is a strange one. Not since ‘Music’ has Madonna presented us with such a mixed bag of sounds, influences, styles, and as such we’ve gone twelve years without a straight-forward Madonna Pop Album. And I must say that as a reviewer it threw me into a complete tail-spin. I barely had time to catch my breath after the dirty gyrating squelch of ‘Some Girls’ before I was thrown right into ‘Superstar’, all cheery guitars and handclaps.  ‘American Life’, ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ and ‘Hard Candy’ were all easily labelled as albums because it was clear with each album what Madonna set out to do. Acoustic techno. Disco dance. ‘R&B’. But with MDNA its all very murky at first…and indeed with time you begin to realise that in fact no, it’s not obvious what Madonna’s trying to do, or whether she was even trying to do anything at all.  Continue reading

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You can’t beat some carbonated vegetation.

The WooWoos

The WooWoos are a band to watch. For a great many reasons (there’s three of them! They look thoroughly miserable! They take pictures in black and white!) but mainly because on the strength of what we’ve been presented with thus far – a couple of photos, a song and a video for said song – they look like they have potential to be something very special indeed. They’re releasing their debut single Fizzy Lettuce via Moshi Moshi (very “hip”) on the 21st of November and you can have a look and listen right now.

Poor quality, yes, but you get the general idea: pretty good. Massive Attack meets – and I shudder even saying it – early Sugababes in a collision of despair and style. Like all the best songs then. It’s apparently about a relationship that slowly expires…like when lettuce goes bad. It goes fizzy. No? You don’t get it either? Thank fuck, that makes two of us.


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