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The new Gossip single is wonderful.

Perfect World

It’s called ‘Perfect World’.

It has a very nice drum rhythm.

It features ‘OH-OH-OOH-WOAH-OOH-WOAH-OOH-WOAH’ bits.

It’s produced (or co-produced or whatever) by Xenomania.


No I needn’t.

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Apropos of nothing inparticular

Today, I was listening to Devil’s Got Your Gold by doomed girlband Frank.

Frank - Devil's Got Your Gold

I was listening to it because I had recommended it for a review on the Popjustice forum and that review came in a few days ago. I was listening to it to re-confirm my own opinions on it. And I was also listening to it because on average I probably listen to it about three times a week. For the reference of those unaware, it was released in 2006.

Though such things are hard to quantify, it’s probably my favourite album of all time. Why? Because it is one of the most poetically beautiful albums I have ever heard in my life, with a keen pop sensibility and songs that not only resist wear but actually reveal more of themselves as time goes on.

And because it’s really, really odd. Continue reading

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